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What Jewellery should you pair with your Prom Dress?

As we all know, one of the first rules of jewellery is “less is more”. You want to look elegant, therefore it’s essential that your accessories complement what you wear and don’t detract from it. here’s our guide to jewellery, the perfect prom accessories!


If your dress has detail and embellishment on it, determine the colour of your jewellery from the sheen that’s already there. However, if your dress neutral, introduce a colour that compliments your gown. For example, gold coloured jewellery flatters warm earthy tones like green, yellow and orange. Silver pieces are the opposite and enhance pastels, neutrals and bold colours. Be careful though, as you don’t want your jewellery to clash with your outfit, which can happen if you mix and match too much. Decide on a theme for your accessories and stick to it. This will help you to create an elegant look.


With your theme in mind, decide which earrings are best. You need to consider the hairstyle you want to wear as well as the detailing of your dress.  If there is detailed embellishment on the neck and shoulders of your dress go for small delicate earrings so as not to overwhelm your look. Also, you don’t want your earrings and hairstyle to clash and compete for attention. Wear neat and dainty earrings if your hair will be in an elaborate style, whether it be down or up. If your hairstyle is going to be simple and understated, you can opt for more eye-catching earrings.


Your gown’s neckline is very important to consider when choosing a necklace. Some dresses can be very elaborate around the neckline, so don’t be afraid to keep it bare. High neck, halter, asymmetric and boat necklines are good examples of this.

A scoop neckline can be very adaptable to different types of necklaces. In our opinion, we would opt for a statement necklace or something that mimics your neckline.

Another neckline that always suits a statement necklace is the sweetheart, this is because the chest is bare and a large sparkly accessory can help balance it out.

Simple pendant chain necklaces can flatter deep V neck, off-shoulder and square necklines. With a deep V neck, the chain should be long enough to slightly imitate the neckline and would look most effective with a pair of matching earrings. With off-shoulder and square necklines, keep the chain quite short to prevent the pendant merging into your dress.

If your neckline is straight across or if you are wearing a strapless gown, you should complete your look with a choker. Let the detail on your gown establish the type of choker you wear; a thin and simple choker if the dress is heavily detailed, and if the dress is of a simple style, a thicker choker would be best. Again, go for a choker that matches the sheen of your dress and jewellery.

“Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what is already there.” Diane Von Furstenberg

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