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When Should I Start Shopping for Prom Dresses?

We’ve already been asked the question, ‘When should I start shopping for prom dresses?’ by a number of mums and their daughters. We’ve have got our heads together and come up with the following tips for you.

Start shopping for prom dresses early

We would advise that you start looking around at prom dresses early. There are such a large number of dresses, colours and styles available it can feel a bit overwhelming! If you start looking early you can narrow down your colour and style choice and start focusing your search. This will make it more efficient and ensure that you have not made a panic buy. Another good reason to start early is that a lot of dress shops offer school exclusivity to their prom dress shoppers, meaning that once you have picked the perfect dress, nobody else from your school can buy the same one from that shop, avoiding any awkward moments on the night!

When should I start shopping for prom dresses long red prom dress When should I start shopping for prom dresses long red prom dress


Buying your prom dress early also allows for plenty of time for any alterations to be made. Don’t worry about having alterations made, almost every prom dress will require some alterations to ensure the perfect fit. Giving yourself plenty of time means that you will be able to find somebody experienced with this type of alteration and make a more informed decision on who to choose. A lot of prom dress shops have recommendations for local alterations experts that they frequently use.


If you have your dress picked out early you will have plenty of time to ensure that you accessorise your outfit perfectly! The perfect clutch and heels can really set off your outfit and add a real statement to your look. You will also have time to think about what jewellery you’d like, whether it’s chunky and dazzling or something more understated. Never have your accessories competing with your dress, they should be there to accentuate your look. If your dress is subtle, then add glamour with them. If your dress is already dazzling then a more muted look to your accessories means it has room to shine.


Starting your shopping early also means that you will reduce the stress that accompanies such a big decision. You don’t want to feel rushed, or that you’ve left it too late to get what you really want. Some sizes may need to be ordered in and different designers have different lead times on delivery, and prom season is their busiest time. Knowing that you have plenty of time to make the decision means that you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the experience, it should be a fun time!

When should I start shopping for prom dresses selection of dresses in shop


So, in answer to When should I start shopping for prom dresses? It’s never too early! You can window shop as soon as you want and most shops will start receiving their new stock from around  October. Relax, take your time and enjoy!

At Fairytale Endings Dresses we’re on hand and happy to help you to make the perfect choice for prom, so come down and see us!


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