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Long or Short Prom Dress?

Searching for the perfect prom dress can be stressful. At Fairytale Endings we stock a range of fabulous designers such as Pia Michi, Terani Couture, Dave and Johnny and Jovani.  Choosing not just the colour and style but the length can be a really difficult decision to make when searching for your prom dress. Whether you haven’t thought about your dress yet or you have had some ideas, we have some factors to consider when looking.

There’s a dress for everybody. Discover a dress which flatters your body type and makes you feel confident. Long dress styles like mermaid are good for cinching the waist in and accentuating your figure. However, if you’re petite, sometimes longer, fuller dresses like ball gowns can make you look smothered in fabric. Shorter dresses might be a complimentary alternative as they can make you look taller.

Pia Michi Pia Michi

Long dresses tend to always have a classy and elegant reputation. They can  look more expensive and are traditionally worn at formal events, but with ever changing styles and trends, shorter dresses are becoming more popular. Just because it’s short, doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing elegance. You want to look chic and make a fantastic impression, I’d advise pairing a short dress with some dazzling heels to complete the look.

 Pia Michi

Short dresses are more of a multi-purpose garment. You can wear it for a wedding, night out or party. However, you can also wear a longer dress again for formal events like  weddings, the races, christenings etc. it all depends on what you’re comfortable with.

There are so many variations of skirt outlines and styles for both dress lengths. Shorter dresses tend to be more versatile but  still look very dressy and elegant. However, there tends to be more variations for styles on longer dresses, like a leg slit or a trumpet styled bottom, these can be restrictive making it more difficult to dance in them.

Nonetheless, the customary long prom dress will always be in fashion. There is an assortment of designs, whether you want it simple or sprinkled with embellishments, an open back or low-cut top. With an increasing amount of designers offering shorter alternatives to the traditional prom dress, and even a mixture of long and short in the same dress, there is a lot more choice for you.

The most important thing to consider is your comfort and confidence. You want to be able to relax, dance and sit in comfort on such a special evening. Choose something that reflects your personality and makes you feel a million dollars, long or short is a personal choice, there’s no right or wrong, it’s all about you feeling great!

Pia Michi 

Prom dress alterations are almost always necessary to get the right fit. Take advice from the seamstress, particularly if it’s long. They’ll advise whether you need to adjust the hemline. You don’t want it too long otherwise you could risk tripping over it on your special night and tearing the dress.

At Fairytale Endings Dresses, we have a range of designers such as Pia Michi, Jovani and Dave and Johnny, and lengths for you to pick from. Visit our showroom and we can assist you with finding the perfect dress.

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