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Your Prom Hairstyles

Your prom hairstyle is going to complete your prom day look. We’ve created a general guide on what prom hairstyles compliment what necklines. Not all styles are for everyone, so differentiate the styles to fit you! Since it’s prom, we’d recommend getting a hairstylist as they can help with what suits your face shape and assist you on what style will flatter the neckline and complete the look. There’s nothing worse than when you experience a bad hair day at the best of times, so save yourself the stress and consult the professionals!

Dresses with a high, boat or turtle neck draw attention to the neck area, you want a hairstyle that further emphasises it. I’d recommend a having a sleek up do, for example a high pony or a top knot. You can personalise it by having a messy bun. If you don’t like up-dos, a half up, half down style is a perfect alternative as it still takes hair away from face and helps display the neckline. If you have shorter hair, wear it down and part it different ways to see what way suits you. You could also add some volume and wave your hair to add more texture.

prom Hairstyles

When wearing a V- neck, I’d always recommend having a half up / half down hair style, this is because pulling the hair from the face will accentuate the neckline further, and having the rest down will make the look a lot dressier. You can add texture with waves or have a sleek straight finish, depending on the look you’re going for. Shorter haired girls could go for something simple to polish the look; a fresh blow dry to give the hair a smooth finish would be beautiful.

Strapless necklines direct attention to the collarbones and shoulders so your hairstyle should co-operate. This type of neck is very versatile meaning you can wear your hair both up and down. Most of the time people wear their hair to the side for this look as it still draws attention, yet it’s down and free flowing. A lovely flowing side look is holly wood waves swept to the side is an amazing style. You can achieve this with a curling wand and a comb or brush.

prom Hairstyles

With an asymmetrical neckline, consider the embellishments, ruffles, long sleeves, shoulder pads etc. They can play a role in determining your hairstyle, for example if the style is something chic, you could pick a sleek hairstyle, like pin straight to finish the look or when there’s a lot of detail on the sleeve and shoulder, you could go with a top knot.

Similarly, to the high necklines, a haltered neckline dress would suit an up-do type of style, particularly with volume. Even a thick fishtail braid or a bun would be flattering as it doesn’t interfere with the neckline. Shorter hair styles could also blow dry it flicky and mess around with the hair part to see which one you like the most.
This isn’t a neckline, but it still is a statement feature of a dress. When having a backless gown, a hair up or it to the side is a beautiful choice. The back is the focus point of the dress, so your hair should help attract the attention further.

prom Hairstyles

Finally, you can personalise any hairstyle, look at your favourite celebrity’s red-carpet style. Play around with different braids, volume, accessories and styles to make it your own. Know what you suit and don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members what looks best.

Remember, this should be one of the best parties of your life, don’t let a poorly thought through hairstyle detract from your enjoyment! For all of your prom dress needs, including shoes and accessories, come down to Fairytale Endings where we will be happy to advise you on dress styles and colours!

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