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#PromGoals for 2018

Prom 2018 is creeping ever closer and that means you’re probably already planning your perfect night! With so much to look forward to, what are you most excited for this Prom? What are your Prom Goals 2018? You may already have a list of goals that you’ve been thinking about, the dress, the date, the venue? Read on to find out what is giving the Fairytale Endings gang major Prom Goals envy!

The Dream Dress

You’ve been talking to your friends, comparing notes on colour, style, length, designer, the dress is the major Prom Goals of every girl! How do you make sure you get it right? You’ve been looking through magazines, scouring images online and trying to imagine yourself in any one of a dozen gowns! But will they suit you? Will you find it? It’s time to stop dreaming and wondering and turn that dress into a reality!

Prom Dress Shopping

We have a few tips for you to make sure you get it right.

  1. Take someone with you. It’s always better to have someones else’s opinion and thoughts when you are shopping. It can feel very overwhelming on your own so take a family member or friend with you to help ease the stress.
  2. Leave yourself plenty of time before Prom to find the dress. Don’t add to your stress levels by waiting until Prom is nearly upon us, the sooner you start looking the better your chances are of finding that dream dress. Shopping early also allows for plenty of time to have any alterations you may need to have to the dress. By being able to relax and shop around, safe in the knowledge that you have plenty of time also means that Prom dress shopping can be a seriously fun experience!
  3. Try on a big range of dresses, even a few that you don’t thin will suit you. Dresses look completely different when they’re off the hanger and on a person, you may just surprise yourself and find your dream dress when you’re least expecting it.


We all know that finding the dress means that you’re only halfway there! next comes the shoes, bag and accessories. Shopping at a large and reputable dress shop, like Fairytale Endings, means that you can find a range of handpicked accessories designed to complement the range of dresses being sold there. Our staff are on hand to help you to choose the right accessories that will accentuate your chosen dress and make you sparkle at Prom 2018.

Hair & Makeup

You need to be able to have a conversation with your hairdresser and makeup artist about the look you are trying to achieve. Make sure they know what style your dress is, what colour, and how you will be accessorising. You need to find someone you are confident understands what it is you want. If you can, have a trial run before the big day.

After Prom Plans

Prom really is a night to remember for a lifetime, so why stop when Prom stops? Lots of people now make plans for after Prom parties, whether that’s round to a friends house or another venue, they just don’t want the fun and magic to stop. If you do have after Prom plans then you may need to make sure you have something more appropriate to wear. We stock a range of after Prom party dresses that mean you can continue having fun while continuing to look fabulous! Ask in store about our great range of after Prom dresses of have a look online at that category. Whatever your plans, stay safe and make sure family and friends know where you are.

There you have it – a top list of everything that Fairytale Endings considers #PromGoals2018 . So, now that you have read about ours; what are your Prom Goals? Whatever they are, just make sure you have a fantastic night and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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