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The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping for the First Time

It’s the dress that you’ve dreamt about for as long as you can remember, and it’s got to be nothing less than perfect in every way.
Buying your bridal gown is meant to be a magical experience but with all the pressure it’s natural to feel nervous before you start.
Fairytale Endings Dresses of Wigan is here to help you every step of the way with our dos and don’ts of wedding dress shopping.

Follow our guide to make sure you find the dress of your dreams with as little worry as possible.

DO Wear good-fitting underwear

The most important thing you can wear when trying on wedding dresses is nicely fitted underwear.
Not only will it pull in any lumps and bumps but it’ll also give you bags of confidence. The type of underwear you wear will play a major part in how you look in a dress and more significantly, the way you feel in it. Most of our brides also wear heels to elevate their posture, ooze confidence and ensure they’re as tall as they intend to be on their big day when trying on dresses.

We suggest wearing white or nude underwear to your dress shopping appointment as the colours and patterns of your undies may be visible through the delicate fabrics.
Please don’t arrive to your dress fitting with no underwear on as the boutique’s sales assistants will be helping you in and out of each gown and it could leave everybody involved a little bit red-faced!

DON’T pick a style because it’s currently trendy.

You only need to flip through your parent’s wedding album to see that a trendy wedding dress doesn’t stand the test of time!
Your wedding dress needs to be timeless and something you can look back on without regret or embarrassment. Look for a gown which offers glamour in both a modern and traditional sense but allows you to be unapologetically you.
Once you find a dress which makes you feel sexy, special and your personality to shines through, you’ll discover that you’ve found something that will never go out of style.

DO Bring people who you trust to tell you the truth

Bringing your nearest and dearest to your dress appointment can be an amazing experience.
After all, this is one of the most personal moments of your life and inviting your family members and best girlfriends along to share your moment is a fantastic bonding experience. It’s great how everybody gets swept up in the excitement of it all!

Not only that, it’s good to get a variety of different opinions on your dresses. Something that may feel right to you may look odd and vice versa. Don’t forget, these ladies know you better than anybody else in the world (except your fiancé!) and between you you’ll find something truly perfect.

Too many cooks can spoil the broth and being overloaded with opinions may become overwhelming for a bride. That’s why we advise only bringing your closest gal pals who will be entirely honest with you so the experience is not spoilt.

Our other top tip is to bring lots of tissues as your entourage won’t be able to stop the tears of happiness when they see you in your dream bridal gown!

wedding dress shopping

DON’T Buy online

Ever heard the saying “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is?”
Sure, browse online and gather a collection of styles that you like but we cannot stress enough to not purchase without trying anything on first.
There are countless nightmare stories out there of stained second-hand dresses, shoddy and cheap materials and inaccurate sizing charts to name but a few issues. Those brides to be thinking they’re saving a small fortune on their dresses eventually end up spending more on rectifying their blunders.

In the long run a whole host of things could go wrong with purchasing your wedding gown online and it won’t save you any money. It’s always wise to go to a professional bridal boutique who can help you find your perfect dress without cutting corners.

DO Have an idea of what you want

Bringing along a look book of styles you’ve accumulated from magazines or websites is a fantastic way to help both the boutique assistant and the bride herself.  Pinterest boards are synonymous with wedding planning and they’re ideal for collecting a sample of styles from the thousands of designs available.

It’s great to have a browse and feel of the beautiful gowns in the store and your sales assistant will talk you through the shape and style of each one that stands out for you. If you’re stuck, our advice is to try on one of each silhouette type and go from there, eventually you’ll find the right one.

DON’T Buy a dress which needs too many alterations

Not only are alternations extremely costly and the expense of them can rack up rather quickly but selecting a dress that needs too many adjustments can take away the magic of it all. If you’ve fallen in love with a dress but you need to change the neckline, the hem, the back and the tulle … Then maybe this dress isn’t the one for you! You want to put on your dress and know it’s the right one.

Of course, a little alteration here and there is expected but too much of it can be expensive and can add extra hassle to an already stressful time. Eliminate that pressure by knowing your dress is the one for you straight away.

DO Have fun!

Knowing your budget, giving yourself enough time to shop around and doing your research beforehand should eliminate any pressure you may be feeling about finding your wedding dress.

The key is to let loose and have fun. Don’t be upset if you haven’t found your dream dress straight away because ‘The One’ is out there for you. It’s very rare that you’ll buy the first dress you see so make sure you go to each boutique with little expectation. Think of it like meeting your husband to be… You’ve got to be entirely confident that they’re the perfect choice for you!

Most importantly, enjoy the experience! After all it’s your wedding day and finding your perfect wedding dress is all part of the fun.

If you are looking for your perfect wedding dress in the North West, come along to Fairytale Endings and view our stunning range of designer wedding dresses. Our friendly staff are experts in matching brides to be with their perfect dress and our range can be ordered in sizes 2-32. Our designs blend rich fabrics like satin and lace with decadent beading and detailing worthy of a bride’s most treasured moments. To secure your perfect wedding dress, please contact us with your requirements and we’d be happy to help your Fairytale Ending come true…

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