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How To Be The Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Weddings can be tricky to plan outfits for. Whatever you choose must be suitable for both the ceremony and the party afterwards, plus you want to stand out for all the right reasons. But do not fret! Fairytale Endings Dresses are here to help you become the best dressed wedding guest without performing the cardinal wedding guest sin – upstaging the bride! We’ve even picked out our favourite wedding guest looks from our collection. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Don’t wear white!

It’s the most important rule of being a wedding guest. You MUST NOT wear white!
This also includes ivory, off-white or a very pale blue dresses. We understand that white dresses are cute but you have to give it a miss on this occasion.

The only exception for a wedding guest to wear white —the only one—is if the bride and groom specifically request that their guests wear white. In that case, by all means: Yes!

If you still want to wear a pale colour then pick a neutral style dress. Choose from light grey, stone, or tan shades.

  1. Don’t wear the same colour scheme as the bridesmaids

Not quite as awkward as wearing white, but still a massive blunder for any wedding guest.
To avoid this situation entirely, ask the couple what their wedding colour scheme is in advance, so you can plan your outfits around it properly.
Think twice before re-wearing that off the shoulder chiffon dress hanging up in your wardrobe if it’s anything too alike the bridesmaid’s outfits.

Imagine the wedding photos if you’re dressed too similarly to the bridesmaids! It’s better for everyone if you dress without focusing too much on a chiffon style dress.

  1. Be comfortable

Weddings can be a long day and you need to make sure you’re comfortable. Spending your time messing around with your dress or adjusting it will make you feel conscious and unconfident in your looks. Yes, being chic is important but your outfit must be easy to wear too.

The best dressed wedding guest always look relaxed and poised, you won’t achieve this in a dress that is unfitting for you. Our advice is dress to your shape, remember it’s a long day so your outfit must look as chic in the evening as it does in the morning.

Your shoes must also be comfortable but stylish. Definitely DON’T wear your trainers, but also pick a pair of shoes that you know will be easy to stand, walk and dance in.

The taller you stand and the less you’re hobbling with sore feet will affect how the rest of the wedding guests receive you and it’ll take the shine off your beautiful outfit.

  1. Choose your outfit carefully

You don’t want to upstage the bride but you still want plenty of attention – for the right reasons! So really think about your outfit and try it on before heading to the big day.
Our top tips to consider when you’re choosing your wedding guest outfit are:

  • Don’t wear clashing colours or prints
  • Choose to show cleavage or your legs, not both
  • Pick a nice hat or fascinator that complements your dress and accessories. Less it more.
  • A black full length dress can be worn again and again with different accessories to achieve different looks. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for a red ball gown.


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